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Application of servo forging screw press in wind power industry

    What is the relationship between servo forging screw press and wind power industry? Wind power generation is one of the most mature technologies, the most large-scale development conditions and commercial development prospects in the field of renewable energy, and the available wind energy is widely distributed around the world and has huge reserves. The forging industry focuses on the wind power industry and can create more value.

servo forging screw press

    Components in the wind power industry are inseparable from the forging of servo forging screw presses. In recent years, with the international community's increasing attention to energy security, ecological environment, abnormal climate and other fields, as well as the continuous maturity of wind power-related technologies and the continuous upgrading of equipment, the global wind power industry has continued to develop rapidly. In addition, the achievement of carbon neutrality goals is also a major reason for the development of green energy. There are many forgings used in wind turbines. Forgings in wind turbines mainly include wind power gearbox forgings, wind power bearing forgings and wind power tower flange forgings. Among them, flanges and bearings are further processed products on the basis of forgings.

servo forging screw press

   Accordingly, the wind power industry is also one of the objects that the forging industry needs to pay attention to. It is also a good way to grasp the wind power industry with the servo forging screw press.