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Excellent forging screw press manufacturer - Zhengzhou Haloong

 As an excellent forging screw press manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou Haloong has been focusing on forging screw presses for 42 years. We have cultivated a professional team, including an excellent pre-sales and after-sales team, a professional technical team, and a rigorous R&D team, so we have the ability to produce forging screw presses that are recognized by 600+ customers around the world.

forging screw press manufacturer

  So how did Haloong become an excellent forging screw presses manufacturer? We insist on speaking with products. Forging screw presses are the field that Haloong has been focusing on. We have been focusing on forging screw presses for 42 years. Our forging screw presses support one-button operation. Each machine has an independent button station, that is, it can be set by pressing a button. Strike technology, strike strength and strike times. Our forging screw press supports professional customization and can be adjusted according to the needs of customers. At the same time, for production energy consumption, equipment operation status, daily output, the Internet of Things system and intelligent production management system can help you in one step, just need to display on the display Just operate and view.

forging screw press manufacturer

Haloong,  as a forging screw press manufacturer, hopes to contribute to the automation and intelligentization of the industry through continuous innovation and research and development.