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How to use forging screw press to control gear industry

   Forging screw press is one of the important machinery for producing gears and other parts. Gear is an important basic part of equipment machinery, most of the main transmission parts of complete sets of machinery equipment are gear, gear transmission is characterized by precision, high efficiency, safety, reliability, cost-effective. At present, gear products are basically divided into three categories: vehicle gear, industrial general gear and industrial special gear.

   1. forging screw press makes gear production more efficient and accurate

Forging screw press and gear industry promote each other, in recent years, the total output of China's industrial gear has been maintained at more than 2 million tons, in 2018, influenced by the automotive industry, vehicle gear output was 2.18 million tons, in 2019, construction machinery and other industries developed well, the output increased to 2.37 million tons, an increase of 8.85%. In 2020, China's total industrial gear output reached 2.46 million tons.

forging screw press

    2. The upgrade of forging screw press promotes the development of gear industry

The vigorous development of gear industry is inseparable from the high quality and efficient production of forging screw press. With the deepening of economic reform and transformation, the internal structure of gear industry will be adjusted accordingly, and the former situation of low level manufacturing capacity excess and high level manufacturing capacity insufficiency will be changed. At the same time, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the future, and the demand for products tends to be diversified and personalized. As a basic industry in the manufacturing industry, the gear industry faces many downstream fields, and the diversity and efficiency of product manufacturing will face greater challenges.

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