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Haloong's high-precision forging screw press makes forging easier!

Forging screw press is a kind of forging equipment with strong process applicability. The forging screw press adopts servo control, simple structure, easy adjustment and maintenance, no bottom dead center of the slider, easy mold design, and high precision of forgings. It is suitable for various processes such as precision forging, finishing, precision pressing, embossing, correction, and leveling.

1. Haloong forging screw press can make various products flexibly produced

Haloong forging screw press is a special energy-saving forging equipment specially designed for the forging industry. The press is equipped with a human-machine interface, and the striking energy and striking force can be set according to the manufacturing process and forming accuracy. It is superior to the traditional screw press in many aspects such as energy saving and precise control of striking force. It is suitable for die forging, precision pressing, calibration, bending, embossing and other processes. It is an ideal equipment for trains, automobiles, tractors, ships, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware and other industries.

forging screw press

2.Haloong forging screw press saves time and improves efficiency

As an advanced equipment in the forging industry, the forging screw press is clearly visible in production data, which saves the time for manual recording and analysis of data, and greatly improves the production efficiency of the forging industry. The forging screw press can export data after a day's work. It is conducive to the analysis and summary of workshop personnel, and arranges the later production process, which greatly improves the process efficiency of the forging enterprise.