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Haloong Servo Forging Screw Press: Forging Hope, Manufacturing Future

   Haloong'sservo forging screw presses have always been welcomed by the forging industry due to their superior performance. The intelligent revolution based on the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing aims to realize automatic and information-based intelligent production. This is not only the development goal and direction of "Made in China 2025", but also the development direction of the world. The automation, intelligence and green manufacturing of the equipment manufacturing industry are the development directions and trends of various enterprises. The requirements for automation, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection of servo forging screw presses and their production lines have become an industry consensus in recent years.

forging screw press

   Haloong has built its own development strategy around this development trend, using fully automated equipment such as servo forging screw presses to provide customers with core die forging equipment + mold technology + automation + informatization + intelligent complete line solutions .

forging screw press

     Automation is the basis of informatization. With servo forging screw presses and production lines that meet automation requirements, plus necessary sensors and detection devices, the informatization of production lines can be realized. Haloong has developed 5G presses around servo forging presses. Cloud Internet of Things, completes data collection and remote diagnosis in one step, builds the foundation of informatization, and realizes dataization of equipment and production lines.