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The leader in hot forging press manufacturers - China Haloong

 When choosing a hot forging press manufacturer, what conditions should be paid attention to? Haloong will take itself as an example to introduce the criteria for judging an excellent hot forging press manufacturer.

1. Product quality of hot forging press manufacturer

If you want to become an influential hot forging press manufacturer in the industry, good product quality is the last word. Haloong has always insisted on using products to speak. For 42 years, Haloong has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of hot forging presses, and has gone through four generations of product reforms , to ensure that the hot forging machine is more and more intelligent and automatic, easier to operate, and the safety factor is higher and higher.

hot forging press manufacturer

2. Enterprise strength of hot forging press manufacturer

As an outstanding hot forging presses manufacturer, Haloong has two factories, located in Xinmi and Zhengzhou, covering a total area of about 47,000 square meters and more than 200 professional employees. Since its establishment in 1980, it has won the honorary title of "China High-tech Enterprise" for many times. Has obtained national patent and EU ce certification. We have professional R&D team, production team,operation team, pre-sale and after-sale service team. Our company is located in Zhengzhou, the national transportation hub, with convenient transportation, which can be satisfied by both railway and aviation.

hot forging press manufacturer

3. Management mode of hot forging press manufacturer

While focusing on the manufacture of hot forging machines, Haloong also focuses on the management of the company. We adhere to the people-oriented management concept, and strive to let each employee play their own unique value. We adopt a flexible management model and resist the dead atmosphere of the company. We believe that a relaxed atmosphere is more conducive to the personal growth of employees and the development of the enterprise.

As an excellent hot forging press manufacturer, Haloong starts with design, is proficient in craftsmanship, focuses on processing and assembly. We sincerely welcome sincere cooperation with friends from all over the world!