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Compared with the friction press, how does the servo hot forging press "reduce cost and increase efficiency"?

Many companies consider purchasing servo hot forging press to replace the original friction presses when replacing equipment. Because friction presses are already high-energy-consuming obsolete equipment, servo hot forging presses save the following expenses and help enterprises achieve "Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement".

1. Save 55% of electricity

       Servo hot forging press driven by servo motor adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving motor, which consumes electricity only when blowing and molding, and the motor does not work when loading and unloading and finishing molds, which does not consume electricity. Compared with friction presses, it can save enterprises. Half of the electricity bill can save tens of thousands of electricity bills for enterprises in a year.

servo hot forging press

2. Save the cost of maintenance and repair of wearing parts

     The servo hot forging press developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery adopts belt drive, the belt has a long service life, and the servo motor brakes, the mechanical brake only does double protection, so the mechanical brake is not a wearing part, and the fully sealed static pressure Structure, the screw nut is immersed in the oil cylinder, which completely isolates the wear caused by the external dust. Compared with the exposed structure of the friction press screw, the service life can be extended by 3-5 times. Therefore, in terms of maintenance, it can save tens of thousands of yuan per year for enterprises. maintenance costs.

servo hot forging press

3. Save mold cost

    The servo hot forging press developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Haloong can digitally and precisely control the striking energy and reduce the damage to the die. The die life of the hot forging press is generally more than 15,000 pieces, and some even exceed 50,000 pieces. Every year, it can save tens of thousands of cost for forging enterprises in terms of mold cost.