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Focus on hot forging press automation for 42 years, the choice of 600+ customers around the world

The hot forging press automation helps enterprises to produce efficiently. Haloong has been focusing on the hot forging press automation for 42 years. After the transformation of four generations of hot forging presses, the efficiency of the machine has become more and more efficient, the operation has become more and more convenient, and it has become more and more popular with domestic and foreign customers.

Haloong hot forging press automation collectively manifests itself in three aspects:

1. Hot forging press automation - one-stop button operation

Haloong's hot forging press is equipped with a one-button button station, so there is no need for a skilled operator, and the machine can automatically complete various punching processes with just one click of a button, saving labor.

hot forging press automation

2. Hot forging press automation - intelligent control system

Haloong's hot forging press is equipped with an intelligent control screen, which can set different forming processes, blow strength, blow times, and blow speed according to different products. The production process and equipment status can also be monitored in real time.

3. Hot forging press automation - fully automated production line

Halpong not only focuses on the automation of hot forging presses but also on the automation of production lines. We equip the production process with auxiliary robots, automatic conveying systems, inspection systems, and automatic inspection of product qualification rates. If customers have special production requirements, we can also provide customized services.