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Haloong: 800 tons of hot forging press will be delivered to customers soon

Haloong's 800 tons hot forging press will soon pass the safety test and be delivered to customers. In order to improve the overall level of hot forging machines and their production lines, Haloong has been focusing on the development and manufacture of hot forging presses and electric screw presses for 42 years. With the new generation, Haloong's hot forging machine has better performance, so it is favored by customers.

1. Haloong hot forging press adopts servo motor control

   We not only have 800 tons hot forging presses, but also 200 tons to 2500 tons of hot forging machines and electric screw presses. Our presses are all equipped with servo motors, which have fast response speed, low energy consumption, and multiple protection systems. 55% power saving and other outstanding advantages.

800 tons hot forging press

2, Haloong hot forging press has one-button operation and friendly man-machine interface

All our models of hot forging presses are equipped with a touch screen as well as a one-touch button station. The touch screen can directly set the number of blows. Strength, speed, etc., the one-button button station can complete a full set of striking craftsmanship at the touch of a button, saving labor.

3, Haloong hot forging press has multiple safety protection

This 800 ton hot forging press has been tested for seven days of safe operation. When the power supply is abnormal, the slider will stop immediately, and the infrared safety grating will form a safety light screen to ensure the safety of personnel during the attack.

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