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What are the requirements for realizing automatic forging production line?

At present, the forging industry has the disadvantages of high temperature, dust, noise, vibration and other serious harm to the health of operators. Based on the occupational health and safety management, as well as the labor difficulties and expensive problems faced by forging enterprises, the automatic forging production line has become an inevitable trend of the development of the industry.

The traditional forging production process is dominated by manpower, and the material transfer between various equipment is mainly completed by workers' hand-held fixture, or by lifting gear or conveyor belt, manual positioning intervention. In the production process, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the environment is harsh. In the automatic production of forging, industrial robots are used to complete the process series of the production line. The whole line interlocking control is adopted to simplify the operator intervention process, and production information is automatically recorded, analyzed and processed. Can effectively save labor costs, ensure the accuracy of products, improve efficiency and rapid development. So what are the requirements for the establishment of forging automatic production line?


1. High product demand requires high production capacity; 

2, stable product design, forging automatic production line is difficult to cope with frequent design changes; 

3, long product life, in most cases the product life is at least a few years; 

4, a variety of processing technology, product manufacturing process needs a variety of processing technology.

Different forging enterprise, product, a slightly different direction have focused on a product of the single direction, have the diversity of composite processing enterprises, so in the layout of the forging automation production line also can have very different as well as the focus, every enterprise should be combined with actual situation, and discusses the automation supplier selection suitable for  automation forging production line planning of the enterprise.