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Russia, Germany are concerned about the Chinese servo press enterprises

For the first time, China has overtaken Germany, once the world champion in machinery exports, to become the champion, according to a study by Germany's Federal Agency for Foreign Trade and Investment. This scene is staged in all fields of machinery and equipment, from a large number of imports to reverse into export power, each of our enterprises are struggling for it. In the field of forging machine tools, Chinese servo forging press suppliers have also received extensive attention from forging enterprises at home and abroad. 


In the forging field, we used to choose German and Russian equipment, because others are servo, others are more advanced. But now in China, we have achieved independent research and development of servo forging press. Based on international vision, Zhengzhou Hualong began to launch servo forging press in 2008, which has been exported to Russia, Vietnam, Belgium, Ukraine, Chile and other 18 countries and regions.

In 2021, China Forging & Stamping Association pointed out that It has become a trend for China's forging machine to develop towards servo main drive in the future. servo forging press not only has good process performance, but also saves energy and is easy to realize automation integration, information networking and intelligent control. 


In the past two years, with the development of all walks of life, as well as the national green environmental protection, low energy consumption demand, the development of the servo of forging industry is becoming more and more obvious and strong, from 19 years the attention of a few large companies, now every year hundreds of visiting investigation of medium-sized businesses, each enterprise to the concept of the servo forging press in a huge change.

With intelligent manufacturing, the advocacy of Industry 4.0 in various countries and international associations shows that servo forging press will be the forging trend of these two years. As enterprises choose press, they must focus on the trend and direction, and do not let the equipment we buy now pay for the next five years.