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Easy to get into business, hard to earn money -- How to break the game for forging enterprises

According to the Development Outline of China's Forging Industry in the 14th Five-year Plan, China's forging industry system has been established, but the overall level is still relatively low. The characteristics of the forging industry are that it is easy to get into the industry, but difficult to earn money.  In the industry to adhere to the promotion of new technology, new ideas for a long time, is still an important topic.  In the future, forging enterprises can guide the healthy development of enterprises through the following three aspects.  

one. Upgrade and transformation of equipment  

For forging enterprises, it is of great help to choose advanced press equipment to improve product quality, fully meet production demand and promote enterprise development.  

Two, improve the process, reduce the cost  

With the help of advanced press equipment, the existing process is improved to help improve the qualified rate of forging products and reduce production costs.  Differentiated development of enterprises will be accomplished.  

Third, improve the level of enterprise automation 

Automation is the development direction of forging enterprises, which can alleviate the difficulties of recruitment and expensive labor, but enterprises should carry out automation transformation according to their own reality. 

Based on the analysis of the development process of forging industry in developed countries, it is inevitable that China's forging industry will take the road of collectivization development in the future. Chinese forging enterprises must lead the healthy development of enterprises by improving the advanced nature of equipment, highlighting the differentiation of products and enhancing the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises.