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Under the call of the state, which direction should forging enterprises develop?

Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, since the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry sustained and rapid development, by the hundred expert academicians of formulating the "made in China 2025", is China's manufacturing industry in the next 10 years the top design plan and roadmap, push China to 2025, the main achieve industrialization and into the manufacturing powerhouse,This is also the future development direction of China's forging industry.

1. Automatic direction

How to further improve productivity, improve product quality, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions in forging enterprises has become a problem that many enterprises have to consider.Forging automatic production line is a good substitute for manual manual to carry out a large number of, repeated, dangerous production actions, can effectively improve labor productivity 1.3~15.Times, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions hot forging press .

2. Digital flexible direction

The realization of automation is the premise of the realization of digital, digital production makes forgings production quality more stable, higher precision forgings, blank precision can be improved by 10% ~ 12%, more conducive to digital intelligent manufacturing, the transformation and upgrading of traditional production mode, improve the benefits of enterprises.

3. Environmental Protection

Under the premise of technical guarantee, enterprises should consider the environmental protection of equipment, and the country has been advocating green environmental protection issues. The servo electric screw press will only turn when the machine is running. Compared with the previous friction press, the comprehensive energy saving effect can save 55%, following the national steps of green environmental protection  hot forging press  .

Under the call of the state, the future development of the manufacturing industry will only be simpler, more accurate and more environmentally friendly.Servo flexible production, energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection, group into the automatic production line, promote the efficient development of forging enterprises in the future.