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Forged aluminum alloy in the automotive industry specific application in what aspects?

With China's transportation industry to modern high speed development, for auto lightweight high, an important part of a freight car and other mechanical equipment, etc, in recent years, use the advanced press instead of steel structure, production of aluminum alloy forgings made great development, mainly due to the performance of the aluminum alloy forgings, high fatigue strength, light quality, reduce vehicle weight,Therefore, it can effectively improve the comfort and safety of driving and achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

Here is a look at the typical application and advantages of aluminum alloy forgings in the automotive industry.

An aluminum alloy wheel hub

Forged aluminum alloy wheel has the advantages of high mechanical strength, light weight and good heat dissipation, which is of great help to fuel consumption and tire damage  hot forging press .

Aluminum alloy suspension

The suspension system of BMW Mercedes-Benz and other advanced cars has been made of aluminum alloy forgings, and intermediate cars have been partly used, mainly because of the excellent performance and lightweight of aluminum alloy, and there is a trend of further development.

Tri-alloy piston

Aluminum alloy forged piston is widely used in automobile and motorcycle racing, which can improve the engine power  hot forging press.

From the developing trend of the industry, with the development of automobile industry professional division of labor and competition, advanced technology production of aluminum alloy has the value of its own unique advantages, such as high fatigue mild, decrease fuel consumption, heat resistance, reduce the body weight, improve the driving comfort, in the near future, aluminum alloy forgings in the automotive industry will be generous extraordinary splendour.