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Why does the servo electric screw press have great potential?

Forging industry after years of development, in the product forming, auto parts pressing field of servo technology gradually mature, began to be accepted by more and more forging production enterprises.

I. Production Advantages

1, high precision products.Through the closed-loop feedback control, the accuracy of the lower dead point is always guaranteed, the burr of the product is suppressed, and the generation of defective products is prevented.

2. Improve productivity.When running, the precision and precision pressure without any difference can ensure the uniformity of the products, and it can also be integrated into the full automatic production line hot forging press    .

II. Development Trend

The technical application of servo electric screw press has opened a door for the precision intelligent control of modern machinery, and has obvious advantages in product forming, automation realization, die life, energy utilization, failure rate and other aspects, which meets the development requirements of the future forging industry hot forging press .

With the rapid growth of domestic new energy vehicles and other industries, the market has more stringent requirements for manufacturing equipment. Servo electric screw press has obviously become the mainstream equipment of precision and intelligent production line, with great potential.