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What is the automatic production of multi-station gear forging?

In recent years, with the gear industry advanced technology development, production and manufacturing process of labor costs rise, more than a few original manual forging production line has not been accepted, more and more enterprises to provide more competitive products, from the perspective of stable quality and cost considerations, to realize the automatic forging production is undoubtedly will go in the direction of the forging industry in the future.

It is divided into the following three aspects.

Automatic loading and unloading

Firstly, the automatic loading and unloading device is used to realize the automatic feeding of the blank. After the automatic feeding system, the blank is composed of the feeding conveyor belt and the material cup, which can accurately send the blank to the press ready station.Save labor.

Two double station forging

Selecting advanced servo press to realize double-station precision forging, solving the quality and efficiency problems in forging process, saving time and improving quality  hot forging press   .

Automatic transport device

Forging automation to achieve unmanned, automatic forging operation, machine transport equipment to achieve no manual operation, improve the working environment, reduce manual, enhance production efficiency, in the market prospects are widely welcomed  hot forging press  .

At present, the domestic automatic forging equipment is mainly reflected in the servo electric screw press production line, with mechanical automatic feeding device, press forming, automatic transportation, spray device, etc., can realize the automatic production of multi-station forging, to meet the development needs of forging enterprises.