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Why do forging enterprises choose servo press if they want to develop?

All kinds of metal products, auto parts industry is applied to the place with high toughness high reliability demand, so the forging is not only to high dimensional accuracy, but also has excellent properties and high stability, in the forging process, the servo press to use its advantage, solve the problem of the accuracy of stability of the forgings, the following is to analyze, servo press forgings advantage in production  hot forging press .

First, the servo pressure is suitable for the process

Servo press is a completely different concept from traditional mechanical press, it is the combination of high and new technology and traditional mechanical technology, to realize the digital control of stamping equipment.The speed and running track of the slide block of the press are controlled to make the mechanical press have the characteristics of flexibility and intelligence, and the working performance and process adaptability are greatly improved, which is a major breakthrough in precision forging.

Two, the use of servo press after the embodiment of the advantages

Modern servo press adopts ac servo motor instead of ordinary motor, through the computer and intelligent control technology, can be arbitrarily set the slider movement curve, strong adaptability, low noise, low energy consumption to raise the equipment automation, intelligent level, realize the digital control, realizes the common mechanical press cannot reach the pressure molding process, and has the energy conservation and environmental protection,High safety, high reliability, good maintainability, equipment versatility higher advantages.

Third, the future trend of servo press

The application of the servo press technology to the precision of modern mechanical precision intelligent control opens the door, in the product forming, realization of automation, die life, energy, and many other aspects also has obvious advantages, with the rapid growth of domestic forging industry, rising market demands for intelligent manufacturing equipment, in technological innovation and market operation in China development speed,Servo press has obviously become the mainstream equipment of precision intelligent pressing production line, which is largely occupying all walks of life. The era of servo press is coming  hot forging press .

After years of development, through the efforts of many technicians from the industry, servo technology has blossomed and borne fruit, and has been widely recognized in the metal industry, auto parts and motor industry, and has begun to be accepted by more and more production enterprises.