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The significance of new forging press equipment for precision forging technology

I.concept of precision forging technology

Precision forging technology refers to the part forming technology that can be used after the parts are basically formed by using the forging press equipment with little or no processing.

II.Types of precision forging forming techniques

Precision forging technology, its advantages are obvious, low cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, high precision. The classification of precision forging technology according to forming technology has become a common classification method in production.

According to the forming technology, it can be divided into: shunt forging, isothermal forging, compound forging, warm precision forging, hot precision forging and cold precision forging.

III.The development trend of precision forging die technology

1. Forging forming process

The innovation of forging process is a problem faced by various industries, and the forging process also needs to be innovated constantly, with refinement and environmental protection as the development direction. Environmental protection is the impact of forging process on the utilization rate of environment and resources.

2. Forging technology

With the development of society and the diversification of industry, forging technology is also developing towards diversification.

3. Equipment process

Flexibility, intelligence and automation are the development trend of precision forging equipment and process. With the development of technology, all industries are developing rapidly. The traditional process and production equipment can no longer meet the needs of this development, equipment and process reform began. The servo electric screw forging press developed by Haloong adopts servo drive, flexible control and one-button operation button, which reflects the intelligence and automation of modern forging equipment. These emerging highly efficient and flexible automatic forging press equipment have become the mainstream in the development of the equipment. In addition, Haloong machinery also has supporting forging press manipulator, which has become more and more popular. Precision forging technology has been advancing towards the intelligent direction.

4. Precision forging products

The development trend of precision forging products is to improve quality, precision and complexity. Compared with other processes, the advantages of forging process are: energy saving, environmental protection, short production cycle, low cost and so on


The continuous progress of science and technology will certainly bring a lot of help to the manufacturing industry. The process technology is more and more perfect, the cost is also constantly reduced, while the level and profit of the processing industry is constantly improved. Consumers can get high quality products, producers can get rich profits, the two reached a win-win situation.

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