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Features of die forging on hot die forging press

Features of equipment

Hot die forging press adopts whole bed body or prestressed frame fuselage, wide eccentric shaft crank and other sliders with good and reliable transmission guidance.Stroke speed is quite slow,like static pressure forming,its feature is:1,Good rigidity, can bear the greater partial load.2,Small vibration,low noise,good working conditions, safe operation, lower requirements on plant construction than forging hammer.3,The stroke is fixed, the sealing height between the slider and the table is high, and can be adjusted in a certain range.4,Sliders and worktables with large plane dimensions. 5, with a number of stations and stroke adjustable upper and lower feeding mechanism. 6. Facilitate the mechanization and automation of forging production line.

Features of die forging process

Good rigidity, high precision forgings. Can arrange multi - die and multi - die chamber die forging.The slide stroke is certain,with low speed and simple operation, the forming of forging pieces is less affected by human factors of the operator, and the operation technology of the operator is not highly required. Each forging step on the hot die forging press is completed in one stroke of the slider, with large deformation.Hot die forging press equipment structure is more complex, according to different process configuration forging press or production line, maintenance requirements are higher.

Range of application

Hot die forging press is suitable for: high precision, mass continuous production and high productivity die forging. Multi - step, multi - chamber, more complex shape die forging. Suitable for all kinds of hot extrusion, warm extrusion and multi - directional die forging. This process cannot be carried out on a die hammer.

hot die forging press