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Application of precision forging in automobile industry

In recent years, the rapid development of precision forging technology, especially the widespread application of servo electric screw forging press, has promoted the progress of automobile manufacturing industry.Cold forgings and warm forgings are more and more used in the automobile industry, and the product shape is closer and closer to the final shape. Precision forging will be developed accordingly with the progress of future technology and related technologies.The field of metal plastic forming is developing towards high precision net forming technology.

The definition of net form is as follows:

(1)compared with traditional Plastic Forming, smaller follow-up machining can be performed to meet the Forming process of part size and tolerance requirements.

(2) the forming process can meet the dimension and tolerance requirements of the parts without subsequent mechanical processing for the important position of the part.

(3)in accordance with the size and tolerance of the parts, forgings may not require subsequent machining process.

Metal plastic processing is developing towards three major goals:

(1) product refinement (development of clean parts)

(2) process rationalization (minimum investment cost and production cost as the principle of process integration and application)

(3) automation, energy-saving, servo electric screw forging press one-button operating system, simulation of manual striking process, greatly promote the forging industry automation.

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