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Auto parts forging is realized by using the flexibility of servo forging press

The transmission system is generally composed of clutch, transmission, universal transmission device, main reducer, differential and half shaft.Its basic function is to send the power of the engine to the car's driving wheels, generating driving force, so that the car can travel at a certain speed.These parts are generally forged using a forging press . Because of its high control accuracy and small rotational speed error, servo forging machine has obvious advantages.

1 universal joint

forging universal joint

Universal joint, is to achieve variable angle power transmission parts, used to change the direction of the transmission axis position, it is the car drive system of the universal transmission device "joint" parts. Universal joint and drive shaft combination, known as universal joint transmission device.

2 transmission shaft

The drive shaft is a rotating body with high rotating speed and little support, which is composed of shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint.It can be several joints, and the joints can be connected by universal joints.

3 shifting yoke

The parts on the automobile gearbox, connected to the transmission handle, are located at the lower end of the handle and rotate the intermediate transmission wheel to change the input/output speed ratio.

4 spline shaft

The spline shaft is divided into rectangular spline shaft and involute spline shaft.Rectangular spline shaft is usually used in aircraft, automobile, tractor, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery and general mechanical transmission and other devices.

5 gearwheel


Gears are toothed mechanical parts that mesh with each other.Engine power output can be directly through the gear to the drive shaft.

6 shaft sleeve

The sleeve of the protection shaft that makes whole cylindrical shape is called shaft sleeve, it is the barrel mechanical part that covers on rotating shaft, it is a component of sliding bearing.Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve and bearing block with interference fit, and the shaft with clearance fit.

The forgings above are the key parts of automobile transmission system, and their quality is closely related to automobile safety.The choice of materials is one aspect, and the choice of forging press is also very important. Haloong servo CNC forging press has precise digital control and simulated manual striking process, which has greatly improved the quality of forgings.

forging press machine