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Matters needing attention in aluminum alloy forging process

Aluminum alloy is a common type of forging. According to its composition and technological properties, it can be divided into cast aluminum alloy and deformed aluminum alloy. The deformed aluminum alloy can be divided into four categories according to its service performance and technological performance: rustproof aluminum, hard aluminum, super hard aluminum and wrought aluminum.

The deformed aluminum alloy is not suitable for adding too many alloy elements, which will lead to a serious decline in the process plasticity and corrosion resistance of the alloy, and even make it difficult to carry out the pressure machining of the alloy. Most deformed aluminum alloys have good malleability.

Aluminum alloy forging preparation has blank preparation, most aluminum alloy forgings are made of extruded blank as raw material. Then there is the pre-forging heating. It should be noted that in order to ensure a small change in forging temperature, aluminum alloy forging die must be well preheated.

So, how to choose the forging press equipment for aluminum alloy forging?

First of all, we need to understand two concepts: deformation speed and deformation degree. Aluminum alloy can be processed under pressure at low and high speeds. In order to increase the allowable deformation degree and improve the production efficiency, reduce the deformation resistance and improve the fluidity of the alloy filling mold cavity, it is better to use the press to forge and die forging aluminum alloy than the hammer.Aluminum alloy, because of the large deformation speed on the high-speed hammer forging, heat effect is also big, start forging need to adjust the temperature, at the same time, because of the large external friction factor of liquidity is poor, easy to make the forgings produces peeling, folding and grain structure defects such as uneven, also easy to cause some high-strength aluminum forgings craze, so aluminum alloy forged with the most suitable for the low pressure machine.

Finally, the critical deformation degree of aluminum alloy is 12% to 15%, the initial forging temperature should be controlled at less than or below this value.

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