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A brief analysis on precision forging technology of alien wheel forgings for automobile and other driving shafts

 The automobile transmission shaft is the direct driving part of the wheel rotation, and the operation of the automobile is transmitted to the transmission shaft through the output button, which affects the forward or backward of the wheel. As the main force component of the automobile transmission shaft, the alien wheel works in a very complicated situation, and its performance directly affects the safety and reliability of the automobile transmission.

However, as one of the most difficult auto parts to form, the alien wheel produced in China still has inaccurate forging and low material utilization, which limits the quality development of the shape wheel. The following is an analysis and introduction of the precision forging process of the alien shaft of the transmission shaft.

Cold and warm forged alien wheel

Alien wheel in cold temperature forging production, including blanking, formed in the electric screw press - cold finishing on hydraulic press forming, cold forging temperature has many advantages such as to avoid the hot forging produce more oxidation, decarbonization, and avoids the cold forging large metal deformation resistance, and use warm forging blocking and then finishing the final forming process, the cold can get high precision, high quality precision alien wheel.

The biggest advantage of electric screw press is high working efficiency, convenient maintenance, large energy, suitable for forming various parts with large deformation.Now take the electric screw press of Hualong Company as an example to explain the main role and advantages of the electric screw press in the forging industry.A number of innovations including servo drive and control system are concentrated.The performance of servo electric screw press is in the leading level, providing reliable choice for forging production.

electric screw press

This paper briefly describes the processing method of alien wheel cold and warm forging forging. The electric screw press developed by Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery is of great help to some enterprises in the production of rough and defective forgings. Zhengzhou Hualong machinery will provide you with professional and comprehensive services in the production of forgings and advanced equipment.