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Benefit of the precision of servo electric screw forging press for precision forging

With the rapid development of automobile, motorcycle and other machinery industries, the demand for forging is gradually developing towards the direction of lightweight, precision, complexity and diversification.Precision forging equipment, such as electric screw forging press, forging hammer and hydraulic press, is becoming more and more perfect. Precision forging can not only save materials and energy, but also shorten the production cycle.Reduce the production cost and because of the metal streamline can be reasonably distributed along the part contour, obtain better material structure and performance, thus can reduce the quality of the product, improve the safety, reliability and service life of the product.

Materials, energy and information are the three pillars of contemporary science and technology.Material forming and processing is one of the components of modern material science.In recent years, with the rapid development of the machinery industry, especially the automobile industry, and the intensification of international competition, parts and components and their design and production process of high precision, high performance, high efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption have become the only way to improve the competitiveness of products.Haloong electric screw forging press adopts servo motor direct drive, precise control and fast forming speed, which meets the requirements of precision forging.

At present, precision forging is mainly used in two fields:

(1)Mass-produced parts, such as parts for automobiles, motorcycles, weapons, and general machinery, especially those with complex shapes.

(2)Aviation, aerospace and other industries some complex shape parts, especially some difficult to cut complex shape parts; High - cost materials (such as titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, niobium, etc.) that are difficult to cut.

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