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Brief introduction of flange production:Casting, forging, heat treatment

Casting flange, the blank shape size accurate, processing capacity is small, the cost is low, but there are casting defects (porosity, crack, inclusion), forging flange generally lower than the casting flange carbon is not easy to rust, using the pressure of the forging press forging flange forging good streamline, organization is compact, mechanical performance is better than that of the casting flange, forging cost is higher than the casting flange.

Forging flange production process selection of high-quality billet blanking, heating, forming, cooling after forging. The forging process includes free forging, die forging and die forging.

Basic process of free forging: in free forging, the shape of the forging is gradually forged into the blank through some basic deformation process. The basic processes of free forging include upsetting, drawing, punching, bending and cutting.

Upsetting is the process of forging the blank along the axis to reduce its height and increase its cross section. This process is often used to forge gear billets and other disc-shaped forgings. Upsetting can be divided into two categories: overall upsetting and local upsetting.

Drawing is a forging process that increases the length of the blank and reduces the section. It is usually used to produce the blanks of shaft parts, such as lathe spindle and connecting rod.

A forging process in which a punch is punched through or through a hole in the blank. A forging process in which a blank is bent to an Angle or shape.

A forging process in which one part of the billet is rotated at an Angle to another.

The forging process of cutting and dividing the billet or cutting off the head.

Die forging is called model forging, in which the heated blank is placed in the forging die fixed on the die forging equipment. 

Basic procedures: blanking, heating, pre-forging, final forging, blanking and blanking, trimming, tempering , shot peening.

Common processes are upsetting, drawing, bending, punching, forming. Common die forging equipment commonly used die forging equipment including die forging hammer, hot die forging press, flat forging machine and electric screw forging press, friction press.

Generally speaking, forging flange quality is better, it is to pass die forging production commonly, crystal structure is close, intensity is high, of course the price also is a few more expensive.

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