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The rapid development of forging industry needs to pay attention to the following three points?

During China's "13th Five-Year Plan" period, hot forging press the national economy has developed rapidly, and the annual sales of leading domestic forging enterprises have gradually increased and their scale has more than doubled. If the forging industry wants to develop continuously and rapidly in the future, it needs to pay more attention to the following three aspects according to previous experience.

Technical personnel training

During this period, the management level of many enterprises has been greatly improved, and some leading enterprises began to pay attention to advanced talents, gradually cultivate technical talents, research solutions for enterprises, and comprehensively improve the ability of the research and development team.

Application of intelligent devices

According to the national intelligent manufacture and the requirement of market development, forging enterprise change advanced equipment is imperative, in the direction of automation servo technology began to rise gradually, the servo electric screw press more cost-effective compared to foreign equipment, advanced technology is not inferior to foreign equipment, be the first choice of the many companies to replace equipment, promote the development of forging enterprise at the same time.

Third, seize the market demand

With the promotion of automation and information technology, the wide application of advanced forging equipment has greatly improved the quality level of forgings. The application market of domestic forgings has also expanded, and it has higher standards and requirements. Forging enterprises should seize the market demand and constantly promote the faster development of enterprises.

In the future forging industry, the development momentum will be more rapid, forging enterprises should pay more attention to technology as the first, hot forging press  the domestic servo electric screw press common application, in line with the market development and demand, will help forging enterprises more rapid development in the future.