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Two reasons are servo systems used in flexible automatic forging production lines?
In the process of the industrialization of the forging industry and the demand of market competition intensifying, manufacturing technology to large-scale and diversified development, have been setting up the flexible automatic production line, without efficient servo control system of flexible manufacturing support, servo system to realize the flexible automation forging production line for the following reasons.

One is efficient, simple and accurate

In the automatic forging production line, the equipment in each process section needs to be closely combined with each other. Because different equipment separately controls different process sections or production lines, it brings the problem of coordination between different controllers.And the efficient, simple and accurate servo control system can ensure that enterprises can achieve the coordination of the whole line and even the whole plant production with less time and cost.

Two compatible ability is strong

Servo control system and traditional control system will have a great compatibility, in the transformation and improvement of the whole forging production line, servo system can be well connected with all the current production system and transportation system, to achieve automatic intelligent production, promote the development of enterprises.
Servo electric screw press has been widely used in the forging industry. It is the trend of future production development mainly due to the advantages of high efficiency and accuracy of servo technology. More and more forging industry has responded to the national wave and entered the construction of automatic production line.