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Why is it more economical to use a servo hot forging press?

Compared with other presses, servo hot forging presses save money mainly in the following three aspects. For forging manufacturers, because saving benefits can bring higher economic benefits, they are very warmly welcomed. , The following analysis will focus on these three aspects. Why is it more economical to use a servo hot forging press?

1. Servo hot forging press extend the life of the mold

Generally speaking, when heating forging, the shorter the contact time with the die, the longer the die life will be when the die temperature does not change much, the speed of the hot forging press is extremely fast when it is close to the bottom dead center, and the die is extruded. The material time is also short, so the hot forging press can extend the life of the mold and save costs.

servo hot forging press

2 Servo hot forging press: low maintenance costs

The servo hot forging press has fewer structural parts, and the motor itself can stop the slider, the brake only does double protection, and the maintenance and repair costs are low.

3. Servo hot forging presses can save energy and reduce production costs

Compared with the friction press, the servo motor is more energy-saving, about 55%, and only rotates when the machine is started.

servo hot forging press

As a new type of equipment, the servo hot forging press is 3 to 5 times the life of the ordinary screw press. It has the ability to save production economy, plus the advantages of extending the life of the mold, low maintenance cost, high efficiency and energy saving, etc., the servo hot forging press The machine is more energy-saving and money-saving in the production process.