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Forging press forging flange production process

With the method of flange casting, the shape and size of the blank are accurate, the amount of processing is small, the cost is low, but there are casting defects, the internal structure of the casting is poor streamline.

Forging flanges generally contain less carbon than casting flanges and are not easy to rust. Forging parts are streamlined, compact and have better mechanical properties than casting flanges. Improper forging process will also appear large or uneven grain, hardening crack phenomenon, Haloong electric screw forging press machine intelligent setting of the strike process, effectively avoid these disadvantages.

forging flange

Forging advantages: 1, Greatly reduce the rheological resistance of the metal, its total pressure is equivalent to the general die forging 10-20%. Saving equipment investment and power consumption.

2. Significantly improve the plasticity of the metal material, the fluidity of the blank is good, it is easy to fill the mold cavity, the workpiece size accuracy after forging is high, the machining allowance is small, even without machining.

3, Isothermal forging technology can make the shape complex, thin wall high bar forging one fire forming; However, ordinary die forging technology needs multiple forming for special hard deformation alloys.

4. High material utilization rate. Compared with ordinary die forging, isothermal die forging can reduce metal consumption by more than 50%.

Flange, also known as Flange Flange disk or Flange. A flange is a part connected between shafts and is used for connecting the ends of pipes. General in two plane peripheral use bolt connection at the same time closed connection parts, generally known as "flange", such as the connection of the ventilation duct, this kind of parts can be called "flange parts".


Generally speaking, the use of forging press forging flange quality is better, forging flange main material has carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. The main anticorrosive treatments are oiled and galvanized. Forging flange pressure, temperature resistance performance is better, generally applicable to high pressure and high temperature working environment, of course, the price will be relatively high.