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Influence of servo forging press on the deformation process of superalloy
The characteristics of superalloy deformation are as follows:

1, Low plasticity: due to high alloying degree, multiphase structure and complex phase composition of superalloy, the process plasticity is low.

2, deformation resistance: due to the high temperature alloy composition complex, recrystallization temperature is high, slow, in the deformation temperature has a higher deformation resistance and hardening tendency, deformation resistance is generally 4 to 7 times of the ordinary steel structure.

3, the forging temperature range is narrow: compared with steel, high-temperature alloy melting point is low, heating temperature is too high easy to cause overheating, over-burning. If the stop forging temperature is too low in the forging press, then the plasticity is low, deformation resistance is large, and easy to produce hot and cold mixed deformation resulting in the forging forged by the forging press produces uneven coarse crystal. 4,Poor thermal conductivity: high-temperature alloy low temperature thermal conductivity than carbon steel much lower, so, generally in 700 to 800 degrees Celsius range need slow preheating, otherwise will cause a lot of temperature stress, so that the heating metal in a brittle state.

High alloying results in severe segregation of ingots, resulting in thick columnar crystals. Because of the existence of dendrite segregation, the content of alloy elements in the crystallized part is low, and the content of alloy elements in the crystallized dendrite edge part is high, so the carbide and metal parts are concentrated in the dendrite edge part, thus reducing the malleability of the alloy on the forging press.

In the case of multi-fire forging, the forging heating temperature should decrease with the extension of the interval time between the two fires to avoid the growth of grains that have undergone static recrystallization.

In addition to a reasonable heat treatment system, in the forging process of the forging press, it is very important to improve the grain boundary state, the matching of grain and grain strength, and obtain good microstructure performance through reasonable distribution of deformation amount, especially increasing the final forging deformation degree of the last fire.

The following figure shows the striking process curve of hualong servo forging press,

forging press striking curve

Through Haloong servo forging press striking process curve we can see,in general pressure machines, where the SPH value is increased by the flexibility of the servo electric screw press, the motor load is relatively stable.