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Forging process of ring bolts

As a kind of standard fastener, lifting ring screw is widely used in mechanical and electrical products. Its main function is lifting load.As is shown in the picture, it should be very common in our life.

Lifting ring bolts are made of 20 steel and 25 steel, Q235, etc.Forging press should be used to forge the whole body and normalize and remove the scale.The grain size of the finished product shall not be lower than grade 5;The forging is free from over-burning and crack defects;The ring screws should be hardness tested with HRB67~95.
ring bolts

A forging press customer production site

Maximum lifting weight, axial load and allowance for forging defects of the ring screw.

The thread tolerance of the lifting ring bolt is 6g;Surface generally do not carry out surface treatment, but according to the use of requirements, can be galvanized, chrome plating and other surface treatment.

In the marking position of the lifting ring, the material brand number and the manufacturer's trademark or identification mark shall be marked.

Requirements for lifting ring screws: the maximum lifting weight values in the table are only applicable for mounting lifting ring screws in steel, cast steel or gray cast iron.The lifting ring screw must be screwed in so that the supporting surface fits tightly, but must not be screwed with tools.No load perpendicular to the ring plane is allowed.When adopting the way of "double screw lifting", the plane of two rings should be ensured in the same plane.The Angle of the steel cable shall not be greater than 90°.