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How to choose between forging press and forging hammer in the process of hot die forging?

Hot die forging is a kind of forging technology, generally refers to the metal blank heated to higher than the material recrystallization temperature, use the mold metal blank plastic forming into a forgings shape and size of precision forging method.

In the process of forging,hot forging press and the forging hammer is the mostly wide used forging equipment.So how to choose?

Hot forging press

1.The motor release the energy through fly wheels,pressure of the slide is almost static,there is no vibration and noise.the metal fluid in the  impression slowly because of static pressure feature.This is beneficial to the forming of low plastic alloy which is sensitive to deformation speed,

2.The rigidity of the frame and the crank connecting rod mechanism is large, the elastic deformation is small when working, and the dimensional accuracy of the forging height direction is guaranteed; The sliding block has the elephant nose structure of additional guide, which improves the guide precision and the ability to bear partial load and ensures the horizontal precision of forgings.

3.The slider stroke is fixed, and only one stroke is required for each die forging step.The metal deformation is completed in one stroke , and the inner and outer layers of the blank almost deform at the same time. Therefore, the deformation is deep and balance, and the mechanical properties of the forgings are basically the same,the streamline distribution is also uniform, which is beneficial to improve the internal quality of forgings.At the same time, due to the fixed stroke, it is not suitable for drawing and rolling, etc.,It can only complete the blank making operation with little change of forging surface

4.Easy to demoulding after forging due to the upper and lower jacking device.So that the draft angle of the forging is small,it can even forge the forging pieces without draft angle.

In addition, the hot die forging press can be used for multi-die chamber die forging, can realize automatic production, products high precision forgings,it is the best craft of die forging equipment.

forging press


Forging Hammer

1.Use steam, hydraulic and other transmission machinery to make the falling part (piston, hammer, drill, module) generate movement and accumulate energy, which will be applied to the forgings to obtain plastic deformation energy, so as to complete various forging process. The hammer is mainly used for free forging.

2.Forging hammer is the most common and the oldest forging machinery, which is simple in structure, flexible in work, widely used and easy to maintain, and suitable for free forging and die forging. But the vibration is larger, it is difficult to realize automatic production.

3.Because of its simple structure, strong applicability, easy maintenance, forging hammer is widely used in forging factory, but in the work of forging it will produce great vibration, great impact to the ground, and therefore a large solid foundation must be built separately under the hammer, also need to control the base vibration value within a certain range, to avoid excessive vibration spread outward, and affect the normal use of other equipment and pay attention to facilities, and personnel safety.

forging hammer

Comparison between crankshaft die forging on hot die forging press and hammer die forging ,the former can reduce metal loss by 5%~10%,due to high degree of automation, it is suitable for mass production.Crankshaft journal allowance of modern light vehicles is no more than 3mm, as well as diameter tolerance, length tolerance, these are only forged in the press machine, to meet the requirements of these tolerances.At home and abroad, advanced die forging plants generally use hot  forging press instead of die forging hammer.