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Why are engine connecting rods forged?
The connecting rod is the key component of automobile engine parts, and is also a typical and important complex closed die forging.Manufacturing precision, the internal and external quality of the connecting rod will directly affect the performance and level of the engine.

The connecting rod causes high frequency alternating stress during the high speed rise of the engine. It must withstand the impact pressure set off by each stroke gas in the cylinder and the torsional inertia force of the crankshaft.When the speed of the engine is 3000~5000 RPM, the loading frequency is very high.

The strength of the connecting rod is very high because it works at high speed under fatigue load.In addition, the weight of the connecting rod must be controlled within a certain range to keep the crankshaft in a balanced state at high speed.
connecting rod
The plastic forming and machining of the connecting rods is difficult, and for the purposes of the forging process, quality problems are easy to occur. The occurrence of these quality problems involves many factors.

Therefore, for a long time, forging manufacturers have been constantly improving and discussing materials, forging process and machining manufacturing technology on connecting rod.

Its purpose is to meet the technical performance and use requirements of products, while minimizing the cost, improve efficiency and increase economic benefits.