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Forging customers use Haloong forging press machine to usher in new business opportunities in the rail transit industry

  Last week, Haloong customers ordered a forging press machine for the manufacture of rail transit forgings. In recent years, the transportation has become more and more developed, and tunnel engineering, whole-span hoisting and installation equipment, etc. will trigger a new wave of equipment construction and bring new demand for forging products.

forging press machine

  Forging press machines are undoubtedly a good helper for making forgings. Rail transit refers to the mode of transportation in which fixed tracks are laid and transportation tasks are performed by rail vehicles. Forgings are mainly used in equipment manufacturing in the middle reaches of the rail transit industry chain, and are the main components of transmission gears, bogies, wheels, axles, etc. in rail transit equipment such as high-speed rail and motor trains.

forging press machine

  Haloong's forging press machine adopts servo control, which has high efficiency and high precision. Compared with presses of other structures, it saves more than 55% of electricity, and has been recognized by more than 600 customers at home and abroad. Welcome more partners to come to consult.