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Why do both Germany and Japan use servo hot forging machines?

Servo hot forging machine is an innovative machine of information technology and automatic control, which realizes servo drive and digital control of stamping equipment.So what are the advantages of servo hot forging machine compared with traditional hydraulic press?

1. A precise control

Servo hot forging machine can set speed, precise displacement, etc. arbitrarily within a certain range. Forgings are accurate and uniform and have a long service life, while ordinary hydraulic presses are affected by sealing and do not have high precision control.

servo hot forging machine

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The servo hot forging machine uses a servo motor, the motor does not rotate in the standby state, and the speed and power are changing during the pressing process, while the ordinary hydraulic press, the motor keeps rotating during the standby process, consuming The power is also rotated at a constant speed during work, and the power consumption will be higher.

The emergence of the servo hot forging press has broken the traditional forging process, and its stable and efficient production method must be a direction for the development of the press industry. Haloong Machinery hopes to contribute to the automation and intelligentization of the industry through continuous innovation and research and development.