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Manufacturer of automated hot forging presses - Zhengzhou Haloong has been focusing on hot forging machine automation for 42 years

      Zhengzhou Haloong has been focusing on hot forging press automation for 42 years. After four generations of reforms, our hot forging machines have become more intelligent and convenient. We not only focus on the automation of hot forging presses, but also maintain a professional level in the field of automated production lines. , to maintain a leading position in the industry.

hot forging press automation

     Hot forging press automation is a field that Haloong has been focusing on. Our hot forging presses support professional customization and can be adjusted according to customer needs. At the same time, our hot forging presses support one-button operation, that is, you can set by pressing a button. Strike technology, strike strength and strike times. For production energy consumption, equipment operation status, daily output, the Internet of Things system and intelligent production management system can help you to do it in one step, just need to operate and view it on the display screen.

     Haloong's focus on the hot forging press automation will continue, and we insist on using our products to illustrate our strength.