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Hot forging press automation: The Relationship Between Hot Forging Press Automation And Aerospace Forging

How did hot forging press automation and fully automated production lines conquer the aerospace field? The current consensus on the aviation forging industry market is more high-end, with the trend of industrial upgrading and business model innovation. The main driving force for the high-end transformation of the forging industry comes from the development of the forging industry in the aerospace, national defense and military industries; the high-end aviation forging industry The trend of transformation is a necessary prerequisite for the replacement and upgrading of military aircraft;

hot forging press automation is a good trend for the aerospace industry. According to statistics, in 2019, the market size of the global aerospace forging industry is about 2.91 billion US dollars, accounting for about 33.5% of the total value of the global forging market. It is expected that the CAGR will reach 7.3% between 2020 and 2027, leading the overall growth rate of the forging market by about 46%. 

The necessity of hot forging press automation for the aerospace sector is as follows:

1. Hot forging press automation can improve production efficiency

The hot forging press automation reduces manual operations, and the number of forgings can be completed on time in an orderly manner. The aerospace and military fields require forging efficiency, so automated production lines are more conducive to the completion of orders.

hot forging press automation

2. The hot forging press automation is conducive to the precision of forgings

Forgings in the aerospace field have extremely high requirements on the pass rate. The hot forging press automation can set the stamping stroke in advance, improve the product pass rate, and create precision forgings.

3. The hot forging press automation is beneficial to the manufacture of alloy forgings

Alloy forgings have better performance and are widely used in aerospace and military fields. Alloy forgings have higher requirements for forging equipment, and the automation of servo presses can better meet the needs of the industry.