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What is graphite emulsion for hot forging?

Graphite emulsion is considered to be a new type of highly efficient lubricant stripper material in the forging industry, which is mainly used in hot die forging.Graphite emulsion can extend the service life of the mold by 0.5-0.3 times, which is attributed to its good heat insulation and cooling effect on the mold.In the process of hot die forging non-toxic, smokeless, no corrosion to the mold and parts, pollution-free more environmental protection, forging finish is better, greatly improve the quality of forging.

forging parts

Characteristics of graphite emulsion for hot die forging:

1.Simple and convenient dilution, easy for mechanical spraying;

2.It has good chemical stability and suspension property, which can not decompose or deteriorate after being placed for a long time.

3.High temperature does not decompose does not burn, the preparation itself is non-toxic, does not produce toxic substances or harmful gas in the use process, does not pollute the environment;

4.Good heat insulation and cooling effect on the mold, make the surface of the mold continue to harden, improve the heat resistance and compression performance of the mold, improve the service life of the mold 0.5-3 times;

5.Under high temperature condition, the lubricity is quite good, the forming film is even, improves the metal forming condition, therefore can improve the forging quality and surface finish, improve the forging yield and grade;

6.In the forging temperature range, with good lubrication and demoulding performance, for example, for large forgings without ejector die forging process, a spray, can be multiple stamping.