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Haloong Machinery Manufacturing41 years of focus on the development and manufacturing of screw press

Focus · endows the product with stronger vitality

  • 41Year

    focus on electric screw press

  • 30+

    Qualification certificate

  • 50000

    Company Floor Area

  • 1600Set

    Servo electric screw press

  • 20000 Ton

    Auto parts

Production strengthProduction strength

Haloong -- founded in 1980, focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of screw press and related automation equipment for 41 years. Main products include HLDS series of servo electric screw press, automatic loading and unloading robot, and other automatic forging production lines. many of products have obtained national patents. It solves the problems of high labor cost, high energy consumption, low pass rate and low safety factor for customers. It improves the automation level of enterprise production equipment, and helps in green and efficient production.

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    Factory strength

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    R & D strength

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    Delivery strength

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    Customized strength


41 years of focus on the development and manufacturing of screw pressUse technology to communicate with the world

Haloong's fastidious attitude towards quality satisfies customers who have high requirements like Haloong, and is committed to helping enterprises achieve green and efficient production!